BOWLZILLA™ is the long history and ripping future of bowl skating.

BOWLZILLA™ is a competition and a series. We do our own but are also part of a larger network of national and international series.

The best skate comps have always been about the gathering. Getting together with friends you don't get to see every day and skating and sharing our great culture is the goal. The competitions create the opportunity. Keep the competition fun, celebrate the good times and invite everyone along to be part of it. This is the premise of BOWLZILLA™.

Skate comps create opportunity. They offer the chance to support more skaters. We want to see our friends be able to get some reward for all the stoke they give us, they have earned it. Sponsors give money and prizes to give reward to the riders who are risking themselves for everyone’s entertainment. Those sponsors get to show their wares and talk direct to the fans. We get to travel to some of the best locations in the world and hang with the locals that make those scenes so epic. The locals get the biggest gathering of the world’s best skaters. The communities get thousands of fans coming from all over the world showing them that the more you support skating the more flows back to those communities. No off season, no training, no stress.

Our team has always and will always be by skaters for skaters. We seek out and are happy to be approached by any person or organisation that wants to support our friends. We work with groups who share the same goals. There is a fantastic network in place to enable BOWLZILLA™. Some brilliant crews supporting skaters around the world and keeping it ours are; ASF – Australian Skateboard Federation, ISU – International Skateboarder’s Union and ISF – International Skateboard Federation and there are many more beyond this. As skateboarding grows and matures it is important that it is represented and supported by skaters supporting skaters, to ensure our future is owned and decided by us.

The people behind everything and making the decisions at BOWLZILLA™ are skaters. Show us your spots and let's go skate!