R.J Barbarro Open Winner BOWLZILLA Wellington 2016

The skating has just wrapped on the first New Zealand National Bowl Skating Titles; BOWLZILLA Wellington. Everyone who could skate a bowl was welcome to come and participate with sections for; Women, 16 & Under, Masters 40+ and Open.


Everyone has been working hard on the first BOWLZILLA Wellington to encourage every bowl skater; women, kids, rippers and old timers to get in the bowl and have a go. Some amazing talent flew in from overseas to be part of it; Willy Lara (USA), Paul Kefalas (AUS) and R.J Barbarro (AUS). These guys inspired the locals and pushed them all to new levels.


Events like this are not possible without generous support from sponsors and partners and their incredible support; Wellington City Council, International Skateboarder's Union, Manual Magazine, Irrom Distribution, Spitfire, The Cambridge Hotel, Manky Chops, ALC Apparel, Fusion Surf / Skate, Redhead or Dead Events and countless volunteers and friends all contributed. Even with all of this, the biggest surprise was at the awards ceremony...


Lee Ralph is the most famous skateboarder New Zealand has ever produced. There is currently a documentary being made about him; Barefoot – The Lee Ralph Story, which is being talked about all around the world. Beyond Lee’s skating he is an accomplished Maori carver who has been in shows all around the world. Lee had a surprise for everyone at the competition and did not tell anyone. Literally, no one knew. Lee carved two Maori totems for 1st place for Open and Masters. What incredible gifts. Every single person associated with the event is so thankful for Lee’s generosity.


“Being able to be part of an event like BOWLZILLA Wellington which is about nurturing a scene and helping give it a platform for all to benefit not just from competing but the comradery and social interaction is the best feeling. Not money, ego or platitudes can top the feeling of skating with your oldest and newest friends and seeing them all enjoy themselves on such a big national platform.” Says Chad Ford; Director BOWLZILLA.


The first New Zealand National Bowl Champion is: Shaun Boucher, as the highest placed local in the Open division. We congratulate Shaun and hope to see him at events far and wide around the world.





1 Rhya Henare

2 Sharee Dowdall


16 & Under:

1 Rico Henare

2 Soul Kropelnicki

3 Rimus Henare

4 Jett Partridge

5 Benny Lindsay Williams

6 Kaleb Hyde



1 Stephen Crump

2 Nick Bennett

3 Mike Spittlehouse



1 R J Barbarro

2 Willy Lara

3 Shaun Boucher

4 James McGuinness

5 Dan Kelcher

6 Chris Wood

7 Benjamin Wallis

8 Mike Bancroft

9 Kyle O'Reagan

10 Jordan Nunns

11 Orson Reynolds

12 Dereck De Souza

13 Kadin Elliott

14 Diego Casal

15 Scarecrow

16 Jesse Peters

17 Paul Kefalas

18 Chris Curran

19 Patty Gibson

20 David Kim

Lee Raplh trophies BOWLZILLA Wellington 2016
Posted on March 4, 2016 .