BOWLZILLA Storming in for the Win on the Gold Coast

BOWLZILLA Gold Coast beat back the storms on the weekend so skateboarding could stand triumphant. The ASF National Park Skating Championships were successfully run in all divisions at the largest skateboard competition in Australia for 2019.

The entry numbers were up again this year and more interstate and international friends and competitors flew in to the Gold Coast for the fourth year of BOWLZILLA Gold Coast and its first year as the ASF National Park Skating Championships. Every single one of them wanted nothing less than a full running of the competition to not only have their shot but support and cheer on their mates. Skateboarding is more about community than the individual win and that was well and truly on display all week.


Yeah Girl worked with BOWLZILLA again to ensure the highest paid Equality-in-Skateboarding event in Australia for the second year running. The growing interest in skating in the Olympics is all well and good but wider community benefits away from the rings is where the real benefits are being seen from this new platform for skateboarding.


Councillor McDonald and Gold Coast City Council saw their investment pay dividends for the local community this year in exceptional ways with more out of state and international visitors and competitors. The local benefits of BOWLZILLA Gold Coast are now being banked on each year as an annual occurrence by the local community and the skaters are being welcomed in to experience more of the awesome Gold Coast lifestyle with many repeating the same thing – we ay not go home from this event next year.

Tourism & Events Queensland support in helping amplify the fantastic contributions skateboarding makes to the Gold Coast and Queensland are raising wider awareness, interest and audience which is having a snowball effect on all parts of BOWLZILLA Gold Coast. Inclusion of BOWLZILLA on the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar had more people turning up to all of the events this year.

This year’s BOWLZILLA Gold Coast festival had larger attendance across all events and more sponsors helping make everyone happy. The week started with a Women’s learn to ride clinic, then a welcoming party with video part premieres by Shaun Boucher and Zane Hetherington at Beach Burrito Company, the comp ran Saturday event though there was torrential rain which meant only the Open and Women’s divisions could run, Dive In the official after party at Beach Burrito company was full but not the wild affair it was supposed to be as everyone was back to the park on Sunday morning for the 16 & Unders and the Pabst Masters divisions.

“The community spirit in skateboarding is one of the most rewarding parts of all of this. There was no better display of it than this weekend. We had bigger spectator numbers from the beginning of the day and as soon as the rain turned up, they settled in. They stayed and willed the clouds to part. When we decided to call it, they insisted we hold on and half an hour later we managed to get the Open and Women’s divisions done and then many of them came back early the next day to support the 16 & Unders and the Masters. What the Gold Coast and the skate community provide each year for us will always make us proud at BOWLZILLA and always bring us back to the Gold Coast. Thank you everyone and see you next year!” Chad Ford; BOWLZILLA – Director.

KeeganPalmer-ASF National Champion-Photo-SarahHuston.jpg

Sponsors and prize givers for BOWLZILLA Gold Coast 2019 were: Councillor Daphne McDonald, Gold Coast City Council, Tourism & Events Queensland, Red Bull, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, One Shot Drinks, Fiik Skateboards, Yeah Girl Skateboarding, Gold Coast Skateboard Coaching, Beach Burrito Company, Goliath Distribution, Boost Mobile, John Mills, Truck Stop Skate Shop and ASF.

The placings for BOWLZILLA Gold Coast 2019 are;

YEAH GIRL SKATEBOARDING – WOMEN – equal cash prize purse with Open, prizes donated by Girls Skate Gold Coast, Recover Wellbeing

1 Taniah Meyers – ASF Australian Park Skating Champion 2019

2 Gracie Cochrane

3 Charlotte Heath

4 Indiana Barnard

5 Mistie Mildenhall

6 Zahra Johns

7 Aimee Massie

8 Chloe Covell

9 Tora Waldren

10 Ashlee Valle

11 Kayla Matthews

16 & UNDER – prizes donated by GoPro, Goliath, Boost Mobile, Fiik Skateboards, Vans

1 Gui Khury

2 Ash Wilcomes – ASF Australian Park Skating Champion 2019

3 Noah Bardas

4 Mitchell Bullard

5 Niwa Shewry

6 Jackson Donnini

7 Zane Hetherington

8 Joshua Godward

9 Jaylen Jones

10 Freddie Arnold

11 TJ Lewis

12 Jake Thatcher

13 Tom Enwright

14 Harvey Campbell

15 Lukas Byers

16 Nakula Boag

17 Calan Dixon

18 Oscar Robson

19 Lewis Oatley

20 Kalani Salussolia

21 Kai Gould

22 Jack Lewis

23 Charlie Holland

PABST MASTERS – prize money from Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, special book prize by John Mills

1 Ian Davidson – ASF Australian Park Skating Champion 2019

2 Nick Heppenstall

3 John Gray

4 Chris Enwright

5 Justin Leslight

6 Simon Dixon

7 Brian Jacobsen

8 Iain Watt

9 Tony Chavez

ShaunBoucher-2019 BOWLZILLA Open Champion-Photo-SarahHuston.jpg


1 Shaun Boucher

2 Keegan Palmer – ASF Australian Park Skating Champion 2019

3 Jakob Robinson

4 Kieran Woolley

5 Louis Durand

6 George Richards

7 Marley Rae

8 Sam Windhorst

9 Dylan Donnini

10 Max Bardas

11 Louis Newman

12 Barry Taniwha

13 Alessandro Ferreri

14 Jesse Noonan

15 Ethen Mannix

16 John Peewee Dickenson

17 Arina Rahman

18 Bowman Hansen

19 Tynan Williams

20 Kobe Graff

21 Jett De Haan

22 Bryce MacKean

23 Nate Brider

Posted on March 19, 2019 .