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Wellington City Council, Redhead or Dead Events, Skateboarding New Zealand and Miryoku Agency raised the Capital with the New Zealand 2019 National Park / Bowl Skating Championships with BOWLZILLA Wellington.


SBNZ made sure the New Zealand National Skateboarding Park / Bowl competition series was the best run, attended and most unexpected fun so far. The level of all parts of the festival were raised higher this year with great success.

Weather is always a factor in Wellington but nothing gets in the way of a determined skater. With the rain finally coming down after three months of unprecedented sun in Wellington and only allowing Open heats to be run at the bowl a quick decision had to be made. Manky Chops Gallery generously offered their awesome new mini ramp that was built for Manky Deck-Aid to be utilised to its fullest, and MINIZILLA was born. The Women, Masters and 16 & Unders all finished out the event riding indoors with a format change that proved incredibly fun and popular.


Manky Chops and BOWLZILLA have a fantastic partnership going back many years which is focused around ARTZILLA every year as part of the BOWLZILLA Wellington festival. This year the Manky Chops team went above and beyond with their ten-year anniversary show; Deck-Aid, which saw 100 skateboard decks painted and sculpted by as many artists especially for the exhibition, with a huge part of the proceeds going to several worthy charities. As part of this they also custom built a mini ramp which ended up saving the day and elevating the fun and comradery to unexpected levels. Congratulations Dave, Pearl and the family for all you’ve achieved and give back.

Thanks to Yeah Gnar this is the second year of BOWLZILLA Wellington being the largest Equality in Skateboarding event in New Zealand. This support has really seen the talent in the Women’s division develop exponentially. Regardless of the Olympics and whatever else lay ahead, the emerging Women’s skateboard scene is having the most positive impact on skateboarding in a long time. The fact that it is part of the whole of BOWLZILLA Wellington makes the festival that much more fun and important for the community.


The New Zealand National Champions for 2019 are; Women – Rhya Henare, 16 & Under – Rimus Henare, Pabst Masters – Steve Crump, Open – Shaun Boucher.

The interest in skateboarding is growing and that could clearly be seen by the doubling of competitors in the 16 & Unders, and larger fields for the other divisions. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer generously stepped up this year to support the Pabst Masters division and all the other sponsors and encouragers ensured a larger level of support for all the skaters and should all be thanked for the generosity: Wellington City Council, Skateboarding NZ, Manual Magazine, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, Fusion Surf / Skate, Skullcandy, Irrom Distribution, GoPro, Vans, Manky Chops, Red Bull, Redhead Or Dead Events and Miryoku Agency. Because of all of them there was NZ$12,000 in prize money and more than $2000 worth of prizes. Every competitor was over the moon to be able to benefit from the biggest prize pool in New Zealand.

BOWLZILLA Wellington 2019 placings:


1 Jakob Robinson

2 Shaun Boucher – New Zealand Champion

2 Jett De Haan

4 Bowman Hansen

5 Josh Wilson

6 Chris Wood

7 Barry Taniwha

8 Chris Curran

9 Mike Bancfroft

10 Brodie Jarret

11 Jordan Nunns

12 Felix McZiveneg

13 Tyler Holdsworth

14 Brent Muskat

15 Shannon Boyd

16 Orson Reynolds

17 Luke Hayward

18 James Tuckey

19 Ned Simpson

20 Patrick Moessen

21 Ken Maaka Pakaariki

22 Scott Wilkinson

23 Kyle Monaghan

24 Callum McInnes


1 Taniah Myers

2 Paula Costales

3 Rhya Henare – New Zealand Champion

4 Ela Poynter

5 Krysta Ashwell

6 Poppy-Joe Garratt

7 Allanah Wilson

8 Georgia Hudson

9 Amanda Perrin



1 Stephen Crump – New Zealand Champion

2 Ramon Thackwell

3 Dave Crabb

4 Kevin Moran

5 Eddie Elguera

6 Von Griffin

7 Tony Chavez

8 Aaron Animal Bell

9 Nic Couscouris

10 Robin Oneleg

11 Mason Lockyer

16 & Under

1 Zane Hetherington

2 Rimus Henare – New Zealand Champion

3 Mitch Jordan

4 Joshua Godward

5 Rico Henare

6 Niwa Shewry

7 Leroy French

8 Max Hancock

9 Ephram Stocks

10 Zedyn Fellows

11 Isaiah Godfrey

12 Monty Graham

13 Felix Griffin

14 Carter Williams

15 Orlando Dreaneen

16 Jake Harris

17 Dax De Haan

“BOWLZILLA upheld its reputation of pulling a great crowd of spectators and skaters committed to having fun, in spite of the tumultuous Wellington weather this weekend! Kudos to the community for their versatility and perseverance – the future of New Zealand Skateboarding looks Bright!” Ramon Thackwell – Director, SBNZ.

There was a much larger attendance of internationals this year which really raised the excitement and energy of the locals. Jakob Robinson, Jett De Haan, Brodie Jarret, Brent Muscat, Taniah Myers, Paula Costales, Kevin Moran, Tony Chavez, Nic Couscouris, Zane Hetherington, Dax De Haan and Skateboarding Hall of Fame inductee Eddie Elguera who is considered one of the greatest skateboarders of all time and Tony Hawk’s major influence.


"The fourth year of BOWLZILLA Wellington saw us able to offer greater support to the skaters and generate more interest and opportunity. The newly energised SBNZ board is a real game changer for what we are now able to do for our community and that was reflected in the new support from sponsors and larger attendance. Wellington is one the greatest little cities in the world and being able to work with Wellington City Council in the ways we do to create a festival like BOWLZILLA Wellington which has such great community impact is what encourages us to keep the forward motion. We’re very grateful and humbled for everyone’s support and look forward to many more years of great times for all.” Chad Ford – Director, BOWLZILLA Wellington.

Stay tuned for announcements about BOWLZILLA Wellington 2020.


BOWLZILLA Wellington – Capitol Asset

BOWLZILLA Wellington, Waitangi Park 9/03/2019


This is the year New Zealand skaters are launched onto the world stage via BOWLZILLA Wellington 2019. Big returns are coming for the skaters of New Zealand with the maturation of their skateboarding Capitol Assets.


The road to the Olympic Games for skateboarding begins this year. Qualifying points start accruing the beginning of January for skaters competing in National Titles and other international professional competitions around the world. BOWLZILLA Wellington is the first points awarding Park competition in the world for the year and the beginning of the path.


The annual National skateboard festival BOWLZILLA Wellington is returning for its fourth year with the highlight being the all-encompassing New Zealand National Park / Bowl Skating Titles. SBNZ the National Governing body of skateboarding in NZ, sanctions this event as the National Championships for Park / Bowl skating which sees skaters from all around the country and expats flying in to have a craic. The festival includes an art show, some parties and music and an old school ramp jam and barbecue. It is the greatest week of skateboarding in New Zealand and everyone is invited to join in the celebrations.


“It is only fitting that Wellington is home to the National Titles of Park Skateboarding – BOWLZILLA Wellington. We are very proud of our creative and healthy community here in Wellington and the promotion of our fantastic lifestyle to the world through this event is brilliant. As skateboarding enters into the Olympics and Wellington becomes a pathway for our local athletes, we look forward to growing this festival and the benefits it has on our community for years to come”. Justin Lester; Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand.


There is increasing interest and participation in the competition each year and with the Olympic points opportunity thrown in it is going to make the choice of the next National Champions for 16 & Under, Women, Masters 40+ and Pro/Am Open all the more difficult. With 2018 being the first Equality in Skateboarding event ever held in New Zealand, thanks to Yeah Gnar NZ, this year there is going to be a larger and more inspired international field in the bowl.


“Over the years, New Zealand has produced some of the world's most talented skateboard professionals: Gregor Rankin, Dave Crabb, Lee Ralph and Andrew 'Morri' Morrison. The path was gruelling, and their professional careers always began overseas. This year Skateboarding NZ (SBNZ) received international sanctioning as New Zealand's National Sports Organisation for skateboarding. Several New Zealand competitions are now on the World Skate calendar for Oceania, including BOWLZILLA Wellington as the National Titles. Skateboarding NZ now offers a local platform with international standing so kiwi skaters can begin their professional journey here at home. Starting off the year with BOWLZILLA Wellington is fantastic - for a small country we’re making big steps this year." Ramon Thackwell, Director – SKATEBOARDING NEW ZEALAND – SBNZ


Wellington City Council, International Skateboarder’s Union, Redhead or Dead Events, Skateboarding New Zealand and Miryoku Agency have joined forces to create this fantastic opportunity for New Zealand skaters.


“Whatever lay ahead for skaters with the new Olympic stage we will be here supporting our friends in the skateboard community. We have built a gathering to unite those who love what we do and celebrate the skaters who inspire us to have as much fun as possible on four wheels. Even if you know nothing of skating, we guarantee that time spent at any of the BOWLZILLA Wellington celebrations will turn you into a fan. Come and enjoy the good times with us in Wellington.”  BOWLZILLA Director – Chad Ford.



BOWLZILLA was born out of likeminded friends in the skateboard community looking for new platforms to promote the extraordinary talents of their friends, talents that run in oversupply within skateboarding but are not often seen in the outside world. BOWLZILLA Wellington is the biggest platform for showcasing all of this amazing talent in skateboarding in New Zealand. There is an open invite for everyone to come and be part of the celebration.


The will be more information coming shortly about all the great events happening as part of BOWLZILLA Wellington 2019.