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BOWLZILLA winning Gold on the Coast

BOWLZILLA Gold Coast 16/03/2019 – Elanora Skatepark

BOWLZILLA Gold Coast is roaring to the top as the biggest skateboard competition this year for Australia. Setting standards as the benchmark for fun, friendship and full on skating. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast is now the ASF Park Skating National Championships.

Yeah Girl is again working with BOWLZILLA to ensure the highest paid Equality-in-Skateboarding event in Australia continues to support the fast-growing women’s skateboard community on its path to the largest international competitive stage. The interest in skating is growing now the Olympics is part of the events landscape and BOWLZILLA Gold Coast as the biggest Park Skating competition in Australia is here to support the locals that want to have a craic but encourage and ensure fun and community stay the main focus.

"From the skaters to the artists and photographers, there’s no shortage of talented women in skateboarding and the BOWLZILLA Gold Coast festival never fails to recognise that. We’re excited to partner with BOWLZILLA again in 2019 to continue to promote and celebrate the grassroots culture of women’s skateboarding. It’s a great opportunity to support our Australian ladies of shred like Poppy Olsen, Taniah Meyers, Shanae Collins, Ava Godfrey, Charlotte Heath, Aimee Massie and so many more.” Sarah Huston – Yeah Girl

Councillor McDonald and Gold Coast City Council have been visionary in their support of BOWLZILLA Gold Coast and the skateboarding community at large for many years now. With BOWLZILLA now being elevated to the largest skateboard event of the year in Australia in 2019, their investment is paying dividends.

“I have worked closely with the skateboard community for many years and have ensured continuing investment in the Pines Skate Bowl at Elanora because I believed it would provide great benefit to our community and inspire the local youth. Having BOWLZILLA Gold Coast grow into the biggest skateboard event on the National calendar is testament to our city and our fantastic community assets. The BOWLZILLA festival brings together Australia and the world’s best skaters and showcases their music and art for the whole of the Gold Coast community and visitors to enjoy.” City of Gold Coast – Councillor Daphne McDonald.

Tourism & Events Queensland have come on board to help amplify these fantastic contributions to skateboarding and Queensland. BOWLZILLA features on the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar. Queensland, just the place to experience Australia’s best live events.

Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones said “BOWLZILLA attracts some of the best skating talent and events like this drive tourism outcomes across Queensland,”

“BOWLZILLA would attract skateboard professionals from all over Australia and the world”. Ms Jones said.

“We are delighted to be supporting this event through Tourism and Events Queensland’s Destination Fund.”

This year’s BOWLZILLA Gold Coast festival has a full week of fun on and off the board. It will be kicking off with a girl’s learn to ride clinic with Yeah Girl and Gold Coast Skateboard Coaching, there will be nightly gatherings at Beach Burrito Company for art, food and parties, there are several local hosted barbecues at some of the best skateparks in Australia and it is all wrapped around the biggest comp of the year in Australia at Elanora skatepark.

“As skaters we all have our own approach to skating and wants from it. The uniting thing is the incredible fun we get out of it and the amazing community it makes us part of. The goal for BOWLZILLA Gold Coast has always been to gather our friends, show off what makes them great, celebrate with our community and invite others in to be part of it all. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast can now be used to help those that want to reach the highest athletic platform in the world but who we are and what we’re about is the gathering, the community and the fun. The opportunity afforded us by our sponsors, Councillor McDonald, Gold Coast City Council and Tourism & Events Queensland means more good times and more new friends. Come skate and celebrate with us.” Chad Ford; BOWLZILLA – Director.

There are further announcements coming soon about new sponsors and friends coming to skate with us, so stay tuned.

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Euskaltel BOWLZILLA™ Getxo


August 2015: Eusklatel, Getxo and Miryoku Agency announce the unleashing of BOWLZILLA™ on the world! 

BOWLZILLA™ is the culmination of the long history - and ripping future - of bowl skating. Kicking off on the 12th September, 2015, BOWLZILLA™ is a new global professional skateboard competition series and festival. Starting at La Kantera skatepark, Arrigunaga beach, the competition will begin in the Abra Bay of Getxo, Basque Country, Spain, and then move through the rest of the world.

Created by a team of skaters with more than 60 years’ experience with professional skateboarding and events, Euskaltel BOWLZILLA™ Getxo will be a festival of art, music, parties, industry catch ups, sideshow and Masters and Professional skateboard competition. Skaters and fans will all feel welcome, as competitions are about more than the podium - the celebration is for everyone.

The comp is part of the points of the International Skateboarder’s Union bowl series and in it you will see the best of the best competing for the inaugural title of BOWLZILLA™ Champion! Stay locked to

Invitations have gone out; the world’s best bowl skaters will enjoy a week of amazing skating, art shows, parties and competition. There are fans flying in from all points of the world to partake in the celebration. Epic is a great word to explain it all.

Euskaltel is incredibly generous with their support of skateboarding and Getxo are visionary in their nurturing and promotion of the skateboard lifestyle in their community. Euskaltel BOWLZILLA™ Getxo will be a massive thank you to them, the riders, the wider community and the dedicated fans. Come and be a part of the future.


Bowl skating is one of the funnest things to do and watch. It was the birth of modern skateboarding in the 1970s and introduced an approach to physical pursuit that had never been seen before. This lifestyle continues to grow far beyond the backyard pools and skateparks it originally grew out of.

Bowl skating and its influence launched the careers of legends like Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Dog Town, Steve Alba, Pat Ngoho, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag, Social Distortion, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Glen E. Friedman, Thrasher, Independent, The Bones Brigade, The Beastie Boys, Lance Mountain, Chris Miller and Tony Hawk.

The new guard of Alex Sorgente, Chris Russell, Grant Taylor, Lizzie Armanto, Danny Leon, Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan, Bucky Lasek and Pedro Barros, would not be here without this heritage. BOWLZILLA™ acknowledges and celebrates this with plans to build on the past and write a bright and energetic future.


Event Name:  Euskaltel BOWLZILLA™ Getxo

Dates:  10-12th September 2015

Event info:

10th September:

Cruzade Skateboard Comp – Las Arenas skatepark

11th September:

BOWLZILLA™ Masters Comp – La Kantera skatepark

Love & Guts art show – Iluna Bar, La Kantera

12th September:

BOWLZILLA™ Pro Comp – La Kantera Skatepark

Dive In – official after party - La Arringunaga Beach Bar