Masters Euskaltel BOWLZILLA Getxo

Friday was time for the Masters to show everyone how rewarding a lifetime of skating can be. They had the stands on their feet cheering.


We had riders who have been professional for nearly 40 years in the bowl. With skaters like Brad Bowman, Sean Goff, ISU 2014 Masters World Champion Pat Ngoho and a gang of euro legends it was a heated session.


In the end Txus Dominguez came through to win. Txus is a local artist, skatepark builder and legend. He designed and built the La Kantera pool the comp is in 15 years ago. To say he knows the lines in the pool better than anyone else is an understatement. It was very close between Txus and Pat which is how you want it in great competitions.


1 Txus Dominguez

2 Pat Ngoho

3 Diego Doural

4 Sean Goff

5 Jon Ander "Txufo"

6 AlexMosterib

7 Brad Bowman

8 Nick Couscouris

9 Kevin Campbell

10 Johan Berglind

11 Wolfgang Tooth

12 Ben Canivez

13 Mark Beugnier

Posted on September 12, 2015 .