Opening of Euskaltel BOWLZILLA Getxo was "Ripping" - Kako

The opening day of Euskaltel BOWLZILLA Getxo was amazing. Kako and The Captain did an amazing job with Cruzade Skateboards to stage the opening day's proceedings with The Tournament at Las Arenas skatepark.


It was a unique format with over 50 competitors trimmed down to 32 which then saw them skate face to face in 16 groups of two, then 8 groups, then 4 and then the final 2. They used the whole park, which was pretty crazy. If you have ever been there or seen footage it is a small town square park and there were spectators everywhere so fitting everyone in was comfy to say the least.


In the final were Ian Campbell and Danny Leon. Ian the local favourite and Danny the incredible Spanish talent everyone is starting to take notice of. After all the different heats both of them were beat but put in their all. If one fell the other helped them get up. They were both skating fast and blasting all over the park. In the end Danny came through with the win but it was close.


Afterward we all went to Momo Bar for a great photo exhibition by Jaime Marcos. The celebrations continued on for a while with many San MIguel's going down.


Thanks to Kako's Skate Shop, Cruzade Skateboards, Euskaltel, San Miguel, Getxo Kirilak and all the helpers for launching BOWLZILLA proper!

Posted on September 12, 2015 .